"10 Grand: Let me see you shake it like....!"

 You say ee-ther and I say i-ther. You say up-market Gentleman's Club with posh VIP lounge and I say Strip Club - cheap, sleazy, seedy environment. Whatever you want to call it - it's a place where the objectification of women is promoted and sanctioned. Seeing as Zac is the HSM guy, who made his name singing sweet songs about love, it was disappointing he didn't see putting a strip-club foray into the public domain - and even making light of it - as inappropriate, considering the demographic of his fan-base.
Honestly, did it not make you question your perception of him - even just a little bit? In my opinion, whether it was his idea to go or not, whether he called Vanessa beforehand or he didn't, it all boils down to the fact that he was content to sit back and watch women taking their clothes off - and was prepared to "rain money" for the privilege. Classy.


You Say it Best...

 "It's like...I mean...I'm not...I think...maybe...people like...just wrong...I don't care! The fans...HI CHRIS!!...I-i-in those terms...like...so passionate...*bangs forehead*... get to kill wolves!... *bangs forehead harder* ...hunt...y-y-you're not...I guess...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!...let's say...the circumstance...it's...ARR-SUM!...you know...just... morons...it's... a bit...WHOOOOP! ...fine line... get a f*ckin' life...!*thumbs up*"


This is England

Reasons England just may not win today:
David Beckham off to side"The jet-lag, the foreign manager, the foreign Coach, the pitch, the referee, the jet-lag, the fans cheering loudly distracted us, the fans didn't cheer loud enough to show their support, the heat - wait, no, we said that - the goal-keeper, it was in South Africa, not enough sun-block, we didn't like our kit, trainers were too tight,  it's a Wednesday, other teams are in the tournament, the jet-lag..."


Sun, Sea, Surf and Zac

Is there a reason not to love Zac Efron? He's intelligent, funny, charismatic, romantic...and the latest addition to my list: he loves his family!! Being honoured at the Maui Film Festival, Zac took his lil' bro with him. A trip to Maui is a pretty awesome Graduation gift, I'd say!! 


...Oh, and the fact that he's so ab-licious doesn't hurt one little bit...



I love Chace Crawford! (No I don't, I'm lying.) So, whenever I'm feeling a little down, this picture always brings a smile to may face. Can't you just imagine the conversation his agent had with him?
"Chace, we're going for a tougher image. You're gonna need to grow some mugshot-stubble and come up with a pose that says, 'I don't care about the law!' You know, so when the news stations pick it it, you'll look something like..."

 Chace Crawford


MTV Does It Straight Up Gangsta!

Watched MTV Movie Awards last night: 
How funny was Aziz Ansari? To be honest, didn't know much - or anything - about the guy, so when I heard he was presenting I was wearing a 'it-should've-been-Russell-Brand-pout' for days (I know, need to expand my life), but, in my opinion, the boy Aziz was kind of just a little awesome, so he gets my vote to return next year! 

Was it just me? Or did anyone else notice how nervous-looking Zac Efron was?? It seemed something was bothering him; an itchy suit, perhaps? An uncomfortable chair?...The thought someone was going to mention Charlie St. Cloud...?

And as if this could possibly fail to get a mention... Guys, how utterly bad-ass was Tom Cruise? Loved the way Katie Holmes started off looking all 'Oh, sweet Lord he's going to embarrass Suri!' then  had that proud 'That's my man, he's so talented!' cheer at the end. I'm telling you, that routine will go down as an MTV classic! Yeaaahhh, TC!!

But no matter how good an award show may be, there's bound to be the odd dud moment -Kristen Stewart's speech???? ...Yeah, not even gonna go there...

Still, great show, MTV!!

Oh, and the Kiss Cam (they should make it a regular feature) - how adorable were Zac and Vanessa??


First Alien v Predator Now...

As one writer said, "summer's movie releases just got a little bit more intense." Why? This time last week, Zac's Charlie St. Cloud wasn't being released in the US until October. Then, on Tuesday, it was suddenly announced that things had changed and the film is now set for release on July 30th...the exact same day as Beastly.
The feedback from fans has been mixed: Some are super excited that they get to see Big screen!Zac sooner, but others are concerned that Zac and Vanessa are being pitted against each other, and think that Universal (the studio behind Charlie St. Cloud) have acted selfishly. Personally, I think some perspective is needed here - as I'm guessing, whatever the release date, both Zac and Vanessa will be collecting healthy paychecks. Further, although it's an almost given that actors have huge egos, the relationship should be strong enough to weather the box-office storm. Face it, if this is the thing that can impact on a union, then a couple should never have gotten together in the first place. In any case, considered from a studio angle, this is not such a surprising move: you have two huge names dating, there was always a chance that someone was going to attempt to get mileage out of it; a typical, "wouldn't it be perfect if..." marketing idea. 
I, for one, couldn't be happier that the date of CSC has moved up. Hopefully, it means that us in the UK will get the flick sometime before December. I'm intrigued to see who will make the biggest impact at the box office. I think it will be Vanessa, seeing as Beastly has, at this stage, had the most publicity, but who knows...?