MTV Does It Straight Up Gangsta!

Watched MTV Movie Awards last night: 
How funny was Aziz Ansari? To be honest, didn't know much - or anything - about the guy, so when I heard he was presenting I was wearing a 'it-should've-been-Russell-Brand-pout' for days (I know, need to expand my life), but, in my opinion, the boy Aziz was kind of just a little awesome, so he gets my vote to return next year! 

Was it just me? Or did anyone else notice how nervous-looking Zac Efron was?? It seemed something was bothering him; an itchy suit, perhaps? An uncomfortable chair?...The thought someone was going to mention Charlie St. Cloud...?

And as if this could possibly fail to get a mention... Guys, how utterly bad-ass was Tom Cruise? Loved the way Katie Holmes started off looking all 'Oh, sweet Lord he's going to embarrass Suri!' then  had that proud 'That's my man, he's so talented!' cheer at the end. I'm telling you, that routine will go down as an MTV classic! Yeaaahhh, TC!!

But no matter how good an award show may be, there's bound to be the odd dud moment -Kristen Stewart's speech???? ...Yeah, not even gonna go there...

Still, great show, MTV!!

Oh, and the Kiss Cam (they should make it a regular feature) - how adorable were Zac and Vanessa??

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