"10 Grand: Let me see you shake it like....!"

 You say ee-ther and I say i-ther. You say up-market Gentleman's Club with posh VIP lounge and I say Strip Club - cheap, sleazy, seedy environment. Whatever you want to call it - it's a place where the objectification of women is promoted and sanctioned. Seeing as Zac is the HSM guy, who made his name singing sweet songs about love, it was disappointing he didn't see putting a strip-club foray into the public domain - and even making light of it - as inappropriate, considering the demographic of his fan-base.
Honestly, did it not make you question your perception of him - even just a little bit? In my opinion, whether it was his idea to go or not, whether he called Vanessa beforehand or he didn't, it all boils down to the fact that he was content to sit back and watch women taking their clothes off - and was prepared to "rain money" for the privilege. Classy.

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Anonymous said...

I AGREE WITH YOU!!!! So not what I would have expected from Zac Efron. It occurred to me that "fame" is taking its tole on him the same way it does other stars. At some point they begin to think they are above everyone else and that different rules apply to them.