Oh, Bella, Where To Start?

I'm a proud Twilight fan, not a weird can't-have-a-bad-word-said-against-it psycho fan, just a regular girl that likes the series. I do have one huge problem with it, though. Bella. I could rant for hours on why I hate her, but why do that, when this pretty much sums up my every issue with the girl?
I get that Twilight is a dramatisation of first love but that never stopped me having the urge to slap Bella throughout New Moon and yell at her to 'get a grip,' and I do think it's worrying that girls could be watching it, believing her reaction to be that of a reasonable, rational person. Clearly, I'm not the only person that thought this...phew!
I would disagree with the writer on a few points, though. As it is about a girl who falls madly in love with a 108 year old vamp, I think it's kind of stupid to question how she manages to have a baby for him (not that I didn't find that highly creepy) - obviously, all logic has to get thrown out of the window with these books. Also, Jacob Black is NOT flawed. Yeesh, a guy happens to be descended from Werewolves and suddenly he's a bad guy. He's a good Werewolf, 'kay, so back off Jacob!

Other than that... *cheers wildly* for those non-Bella lovers!

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