In the words of Chipmunk... My Watch Says There Aint Time for Haters

At the Me and Orson Welles premier, there were a couple of girls behind me, constantly making snide remarks about Vanessa Hudgens - not that they spoilt my experience, because I don't think anyone could have :) - and it really bothered me. Not just because I like Vanessa, but because I hate to see that side of people. I mean, no matter what mistakes Vanessa - or anyone for that matter - happened to make, how does that effect anybody other than her? Don't get me wrong, I'm not condoning those photos, but it was her choice to take them and that has nothing to do with me. Whether or not you like her films or music is really irrelevant, but I'd prefer having someone make a negative comment about her work - personality even - rather than just out of bitter jealousy.
For example, I have a strong dislike for Miley Cyrus, yet if someone makes a comment about her weight, for instance, I'll choose to stay out of a conversation so petty and immature.
The way I see it, there's enough hate in this world. Why create more?

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