Me and Orson Welles Premiere...Sealed With a Kiss

Where to start?? I got to Leicester Square a bit before four. The crowd was already quite big but seeing as they hadn't even laid the carpet yet, I felt as though I was waaaay too early. A little while after, they set out those huge cardboard posters, the lights came on and the carpets were fitted and by the time they started playing the '30's jazz, I started to feel the buzz in the crowd and gradually got more excited.
After two and a bit hours, that famous 'OMG IT'S ZAC EFRON!' scream started to filter down the carpet. I was in a little group right opposite the entrance so we couldn't see him from where we were - talk about torture - but we knew he'd arrived. Finally, after doing the press interviews, he started making his way down the line (he walked the entire length of the carpet) and signing autographs. I first knew he was getting close when a girl next to me said, 'I can't believe I'm actually crying!' - YEP! She was crying! Then, I saw him! He was so close - within touching-distance!!! I could only hear screams and declarations of love and I was being pushed really hard but I was a girl on a mission. I thrust my pink sheet of paper at him between someone's head but he didn't sign it. I didn't give up. I then shoved it at him between a few other heads as he moved further along. I had one hand holding tightly onto my paper and another clicking away trying to get some decent pics when all of a sudden I felt a slight tug on my sheet, looked ahead and he was signing it! My first - first, mind you, - Zefron autograph and oh how I will forever love the scent of a Sharpie*sigh*.
I saw Zac up-close and got an autograph. It can't possibly get better than that, right? WRONG! Once he went inside, I made puppy-dog eyes at one of the security guards and he got me one of the cardboard posters!!
In short, Zac's even more gorgeous than when I saw him at the 17 Again premiere, he was adorably nervous and just kept smiling awkwardly and his suit was simple and crisp...oh and tight ;)
Since Wednesday I've been grinning like a Cheshire cat...and trying to figure out where to place the cardboard poster as it's waaaay too large to hang on my bedroom wall *blush*

Zac Efron, Me and Orson Welles

Zac Efron, Me and Orson Welles

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