Last Song

Last Song: Cheesy and predictable. This is what I thought I'd be saying about this movie, but, actually...I can't. The script was well-written, plenty of summer beach scenes to set the appropriate mood, and on a whole the acting wasn't bad (I particularly loved Bobby Coleman, the actor who played little brother, Jonah). There was, of course, a healthy dose of cheese - I'd expect nothing less from Mr Sparks - but I think that's synonymous with the genre. As for predictability; there are a few elements, but, unless you've read the book, there is definitely one thing that you won't see coming.
So, for me, Last Song was a success. Not quite The Notebook, but it certainly superseded The Timetraveler's Wife and Dear John. 

...Oh, and one more thing - bring tissues ;)


Anonymous said...

Was Miley´s preformance good

Anike said...

Miley didn't bring much to this movie; really, the film's strongest actor was Billy Coleman who played her little brother.