The Time Traveller's Wife AKA Women do the Craziest Things

 I watched The Time Traveller's Wife, on dvd last night...and regretted every second of it. Where do you start with a movie as terrible, pathetic, time-wasting and pointless?
twThe acting? Fair. I used to think that Rachael McAdams (the wife) was a pretty good actress, one to look out for, but watching The Time Traveller's Wife, I wondered whether Ryan Gosling is needed opposite her to pull off a love story: the chemistry between her and Eric Bana (the Time Traveller): ZERO! Eric Bana was...alright. His accent American accent bugged me a little but other than that there was nothing major (in neither a good or bad way) about his performance. The main problem with the film was that I had no sympathy for Rachael McAdam's character. Come on, the woman marries a TIME TRAVELLER and then complains that he's never around - ironic much? Maybe the novel was a heart-wrenching tale of love but as a movie it does not work.
I spent almost two hours of my life watching Eric Bana's clothes collapse in a heap as he time travelled and appeared in another location and decade nude (the reason he was unable to control his travelling or the fact that his clothes never made the journey with him remain unexplained) and so, I'm warning anybody who is inclined to give this film a chance: Don't bother!! Well, if you have any value for your time, that is. If you really want a love story, try the classic Titanic, or maybe the Notebook....anything but this!

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