And the Winner Is...Really??


That isn't a good 'wow', by the way. It's more of a 'I'm-really-hearing-what-I-think-I'm-hearing-wow.' I have three major problems with this: Firstly, as much as I enjoyed the Hannah Montana movie, and, sure, Climb is a good song, it hardly screams 'Serious recording artist', does it? It barely whispers it. Secondly, Joe actually achieved the impossible by being out-sung by Miley Cyrus - at least when she sung it there was some emotion in the words. And finally, couldn't anybody point out that the song was clearly written for a female? Listen to the words, dude, it couldn't be any more of a girls song!

How did Joe end up winning, anyway? Although this was a year of slim-pickings if you ask me. The idea of him being marketed as some crooner is just...laughable . Heartthrob?  Please. Joe doesn't even cause a light pitter-patter. 

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