Thwarted by the Osmond

Mya and D'mitry were ROBBED by Donny Osmond. That's right, I said it. Mya and Donny had been incomparable since the start of the season, and yet it was Donny and Kym that walked away with the trophy? ROBBED!
I get that the public votes add another dimension to the show and they also mean that the competition is unpredicatable, but something needs to change in the format so the person most deserving - not the most popular - wins.
I don't even think Donny deserved to be in the final. He completely fluffed his dances in the Semi, but no, Derek and Joanna, who were at the top of the leader board, went out!!!! Where is the justice in that!?!?!

...I guess it pays to be an Osmond.

Mya and D'mitry's Semi-Final Dance

Donny and Kym's Semi-Final Dance

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Anonymous said...

Here's the deal. I agree wholeheartedly that Mya and her partner were the best dancers. Most everyone would agree with that. However, although they advertise this as a dancing competition, it is only partly a dancing competition. It is also a popularity contest or else who would be watching ballroom dancing during primetime? Seriously! Donny Osmond has the whole package -- he can dance, albeit not as proficiently as Mya and JoAnna, but he has the showmanship and the likeability and the fan base that pulled him through. So, although Mya was the best dancer, she certainly didn't have the greatest of personality -- she revulted me actually, although I loved watching her dance. Just didn't like her personality. Same with Joanna. I LOVED KELLEY! She was adorable -- and REAL! And she really, really, really improved. I really wanted her to win it all because I think her story was the best and I am saying that having been an Osmond fan for 30+ years and proud of it! Donny has a much bigger fan base and that is what pulled him through.

I understand your frustration, but this is how it was supposed to be -- or else the rules would have changed. I think that if American Idol and DWTS wanted to change the rules, they would, but... let's face it -- controversy is what brings in the viewers, so... they will have higher ratings. And, if fans/viewers are able to be a part of the decision making process, up goes the ratings.

Mya and Joanna, great dancers. Kelley -- Cinderella story. Donny -- the whole danged package! Congrats to all three finalists. I hope to hear great things from Kelley from here on out.