Jonas Brothers World Tour 2009

Who saw Jonas Brothers LIVE in concert on Friday?? ...ME!!!
O.M.G it was just sooo amazing. The energy in the Arena was absolutely unbelievable. I was so excited, I started singing along to their supporting act - a group I'd never heard of - and I'm sure the next time I hear their music, I won't remember a word of it, but knowing you'll be seeing the Jonas Brothers on stage soon can do strange things to a person.

After what felt like a million false alarms, the lights dimmed and JB ran on, high-fiving their band and blood-curdling screams filled the Arena (we JB fans sure do have a set of lungs on us). Everything after that is just so hard to explain! It's all crystal clear in my mind and yet... I can't find the words to describe it and do it justice. I've been attempting to get JB tickets since they first came to London in April '08 (in a venue that seated only 200), and I've missed out every time, and to think that, finally, I've seen them? It's been 5 days and it still hasn't sunk in.

Even though on BTS footage and with their concert movie you saw how much effort went into a show, you still can't really appreciate it until you can actually see them on that stage in front of you, singing, dancing and sweating. It's made me love them so much more -- and many around me thought that impossible. If in ten years, I no longer like Jonas Brothers, I'll always remember what amazing, dedicated performers they were.
I'll never forget that night.

Thanks Mum, for being amazingly, awesome at surprises and thanks JB for caring about us enough to have wanted to send us away with such amazing memories. You DEFINITELY succeeded! :D


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