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Who's Bad?


Why don't ordinary individuals become super-heroes? This is the question that tugs at mild mannered almost-but-not-quite-nerdy teen, Dave Lizewski. The unsurprising answer - swiftly and brutally delivered - is that, dude, it is waaay too dangerous; you could end up, for example, dead - or filmed catching a serious a** kicking and plastered over YouTube. And this, just for starters ...For damn sure, this movie is irreverent, cartoonish, completely OTT and one which unashamedly plays to its male audience. But it is also slick, well-written, and superbly acted. A film that, for all its (at times, very) dark humour, does seem to be saying something quite relevant about adult accountability and the potential fall-out when adults fail in allowing kids a childhood. In short: Intelligent and very, very entertaining.

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nicole said...

hahaha i loooooved this film. it was really different to other ones and funny as well rotfl