Corbin's Breaking Free

Corbin Bleu Reaches New ‘Heights’ On BroadwayYa know, it feels quite strange to be happy for someone you've never met - at least in any intimate circumstances. How can you be happy for someone that you don't really know? That, I can't explain, but what I do know is that I feel - yep - happy for Corbin Bleu.
After having been pretty much over looked by the media during HSM for Zac, and being involved in projects that have gotten either little publicity - Freestyle - or low ratings - The Beautiful Life - it looks like Corbin is finally on the right path...he's heading to Broadway!! He is going to be playing Usanavi (a leading role) in In the Heights.

I think that's proof that, eventually, your talent wins through. Way to go, Bleuman!!

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