X-Factor Week 3

If there's any justice in the world, Danyl - with a 'Y' - Johnson will be going home this week on X-Factor. What's with that guy? I never thought it was possible for a person to love themselves so much! His voice, I don't hear anything special about, but that isn't what bugs me - it's the fact he's so self-involved and the tendency he has to go so OTT with a song it's been beaten into the ground by the time he has - finally - ended. Just sing the song and get off the stage!
If there was a line to call to vote people out I'd be using it. I hate his phoniness, his arrogance, the way he waves and pretends to be humble and do you know what I hate more than that? The way the judges keep telling him he's amazing as though God himself has just landed on the stage!
It's a complete injustice that Miss Frank were voted out over him, I couldn't believe it. The Twins can stay, I don't care, just get. Him. Out!

As for Rachel, wassup with her? I guess she figured people didn't like her personality when she was in the bottom two the first two weeks so decided to come back this week as an 'Oh-my-God' girl straight out of Clueless. But, Rachel, we liked you throughout Boot camp, we really liked you in Dubai - it's this person who's turned up for the live Saturday shows that we don't like. If you want votes, just be yourself, not this other person that you think is preferable.

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