Oscars 2009

The Oscars this year were DEFINITELY the best in years!! ...Some may say I'm biased and that I only enjoyed the show because of Zac and Vanessa's performance, but that's not true...really it isn't!! Though... if they feel like calling them back every year I'd be completely fine with that.
Their performance aside, I do think the show was amazing this year; Hugh Jackman's opening number had me in stitches (especially the part about Benjamin Button) and the dresses were... I LOVED THEM!!! I usually have a list of my favourite five dresses, but this year I found myself extending it - at first to six, then seven, by the end of the night I'd scrapped the idea of numbering the list.

Favourite Dresses

Vanessa Hudgens
Natalie Portman
Alicia Keys
Miley Cyrus
Frieda Pinto
Anne Hathaway

Who made your 'Best Dressed' List?

Hugh Jackman's opening number

Musical's are Back

Zac Efron and Alicia Keys

How happy did Zac look? Holding hands with Beyonce and Alicia Keys all in one night!! :)

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Jordyn said...

Hmm...I think Anne Hathaway looked good but so did Freida Pinto.