It Could Go Either Way...

There is a VERY fine line between romantic and cheesy, and my hope for hsm3 is that ,although it may come very close to crossing that line, it doesn't lose itself in the cheese.'Is that a yes?' Troy asks Gabriella in one of the scenes, 'In every language...' she replies...If only they had left it there...but no. Disney had to go and have her recite 'yes' in other languages! Why would you do that!? The perfect example of a line that could've been romantic but was taken WAY too far.
I feel like I've been waiting for this movie forever and now it's just a few days away and I really hope I'm not going to cringe throughout the entire movie.
It wouldn't be the first time the final chapter to a film was completely ruined...The Godfather 3 anyone?

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Lisa said...

haha I totally agree with you about that saying "yes" in every language, it's kind of goofy, while it needs to be romantic.. But I think the reason that they did that is to show that High school musical is known in the whole world.. But for me.. they did'nt have to do that.. Great blog btw!