Movie Prediction: Twilight

The thing that drew me in to 'Twilight' was the romance between Bella and Edward and the fact that, even though he was a vampire, Edward was still able to be utterly romantic. But, having seen the trailers, I'm starting to think the book is going to be more successful than the movie. There doesn't seem to be any chemistry between Kristin Stewart and Robert Pattinson and without that nothing in the story grips you because the relationship doesn't seem real. And then you have the issue over the acting...if you can't find a thirty second clip where your lead actors don't seem stiff, it's safe to assume there are very few of those moments. At the moment the role I'm excited to see is James; in all of the scenes I have watched his character draws me in the most, with Kristin and Robert they seem to be speaking the lines, where as I feel Cam is interpreting them and has really made them his own.
Who knows, in 3 months I could me writing that 'Twilight' exceeded all of my expectations...but I doubt it.

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