Monique Coleman on The View

I like Zac- I really, like Zac, but there are only so many times one person can say 'It's a blast.' before I start rolling my eyes. When you listen to so many interviews where the same answers are given, they all start to seem identical and that's why it was so refreshing to hear Monique speak and give a different perspective.
I found it quite interesting when they asked about the comparison of HSM to Grease and she said that where as Grease was about conforming, HSM is about being your own person; because I'd never thought of Sandy 'conforming' but when I thought about it, she does change who is and as a result gets the guy.
She was also asked if she was dating, but said she prefers to keep it to herself; in code, that usually means 'Yes,'...hmmm, who was the person she was with at Zac's party? Could he be the mystery man??

And I agree...she definitely should've won!

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