Is This The Scene?

For the previous HSM movies, I've always picked my favourite scene between Troy and Gabriella; in the first movie it was Troy climbing onto her balcony and in the second, it was the picnic scene. And in the third? As I've yet to see the movie, it's too early to decide, but ''Can I Have This Dance?'' is definitely a strong contender. I've watched the video about 4 times so far, and have been attempting to Waltz for the entire day, and a song has to be special for it to have that kind of affect of me. The rest of the scenes are going to have to be absolutely mind-blowing if they want to stand a chance against this one...
Look at it...Isn't it the most romantic thing you've ever seen?

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Anonymous said...

i went to see high school muscial 3 senior year today it was fantastic the best of the 3 films it focus' on troy n gabriella's relationship but i want to see it again !!!! it was really good i hope this isnt the last film with the current cast the 3 new stars wouldnt make it the same !!! college years , married life lol