New Moon Fails To Light Bella's Self Respect

Read Twilight and couldn't wait to get New Moon...the anticipation was killing me!! So, eventually got New Moon and although I wouldn't be so immature as to say the book sucked, I will ask this: WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU BELLA!?!? Biggest problem with Bella in this book? She was just so CLINGY-and what with her being prepared to give up her entire life for Edward?? I know we teenage girls can be dramatic but by the time Bella started throwing herself off cliffs...I was like ENOUGH BELLA, ENOUGH OF YOU AND YOUR ''BURNING HOLE''!! What bugged me even more than her being needy? -Her selfishness. After Edward leaves she starts hanging out with Jacob and TOTALLY leads him on...THEN when guilt hits, she asks herself whether it's okay to be with him even though they would never love each other in the same way...No Bella! It's not okay, it's called being a USER!! I'm telling you, Jacob saved this book-without him I doubt I would've wanted to read to the end.
Twilight was definitely the better of the two...Agree or no?

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