Move On Miley!!

Miley Cyrus really needs to get over it!! She has officially become 'The Bitter Ex'. It started off as small things: the fact she would never stand next to Nick in a picture, the look and forced clap she gave when JB won a Kids Choice Award; but she sunk to a new low when she released the '7 Things' music video. Pretty much everyone knew it was about Nick when the song was released but the video is just sad-she plays with Dog Tags around her neck, a picture of her and a boy is held up (even though the face is covered you can tell it's Nick) and in the background has a curly-haired boy playing a guitar identical to Nick's!! MILEY, MOVE ON!! Nick has. Don't you realise? While you've been trying to get his attention, saying 'I'm probably going to get a call from the person when the video comes out', he's been off on his tour probably not even thinking about your video.
Why is it always the girls who never seem to move on?

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