Seventeen Again Release Date Confirmed...Again

Like many of you when I heard Zac Efron's new movie 'Seventeen Again' was due to be released in August, I patiently waited for the summer movies to roll around and as the summer drew nearer my anticipation grew; that is until rumors began swirling that New Line had postponed the release...Finally after much speculation it was confirmed that 'Seventeen Again' will no longer hit the cinemas in August but instead on the 20/2/09!! Why, you may ask, has a completed movie, that received numerous positive reviews from critics been held back so long? Well, could it be that New Line is trying to generate a bigger buzz for the movie?? A bit of box office competition?? Let's not forget that Vanessa's movie 'Rock On' (previously known as 'Will') is slated for release the same month...Nothings draws in movie-goers like publicity...
Drop Me To LA...Somebody needs to get some answers!!

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